In Buenos Aires tightened quarantine

The Argentine government cancelled all concessions, put in Buenos Aires and the Metropolitan area against the background of the pandemic coronavirus – residents again will have to be in mandatory isolation with the right to secede only for the most necessary, and the quarantine will be extended until July 17, according to the President of the country Alberto Fernandez.

"Let's go back to the closing movement for the Metropolitan area. We agreed that public transport from 00.00 Monday to serve only citizens employed in sensitive sectors of the economy. From July 1 will do more hard step is going to ask citizens to remain in their homes and to only go for things that are necessary for life. This measure will operate in Buenos Aires and suburbs to 17 July", - he said in the address.

Previously, the government has taken a number of steps to ease the quarantine in the capital region have begun to operate many stores, restaurants opened for delivery, the citizens to run in the evenings.

Will now be permitted to work only shops "close to home", and a number of businesses, the suspension may carry negative consequences. Residents will not be able to go out for a walk. Buenos Aires is almost back to 100 days ago - the initial phase of the quarantine imposed on March 20.

According to the President, now the virus is spreading faster than ever before, 97% of the cases recorded in the Metropolitan area and for the last 20 days the number of infections increased by 147%.

"I want you to understand that Alberto Fernandez is not in love with the quarantine, he is in love with life, so we make these decisions," he said.

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