Rosturizm hopes that information about COVID-19 for resorts will soon be canceled

Reference about the absence of coronavirus for clients of sanatoria is still required, however, the Federal tourism Agency expects that this limitation may be lifted in the near future, said the head of the Ministry of sarin doguzova.

"Today we do not need help (about the absence of coronavirus - ed.) in order to fly to the regions and to settle in hotels. Unfortunately, help is still needed for the Spa facilities, but we understand the redundancy of this rule. We work hard to ensure that this requirement is left to the rules. I'm sure that we will succeed," said doguzova reporters.

The head of the Federal tourism Agency said that his side will do everything to "by July 1, or in the near future" requirement reference on the absence of coronavirus for sanatorium-and-Spa institutions were abolished. Doguzova added that this requirement interferes with the work of the sanatorium-resort complex and uncomfortable makes trip planning for tourists.

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