Golikova has told, how many of the graduates will pass the exam

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that 620,5 thousand of the 710 thousand graduates of 2020 will have to pass the exam, the CPS instructed a weekly report to the government on the preparation of subjects for the exam.

"In the 2019-2020 academic year completed the training programs of the basic General education 1 million 342 thousand pupils 9th grade, the programs of secondary education - 710 thousand pupils 11-x classes", - Golikova said at a meeting on the preparations of the exam and children's recreation campaign.

Vice Prime Minister reminded that the national accreditation Agency in cooperation with Ministry of education and the CPS need to monitor the preparation of subjects to conduct the exam, taking into account the epidemic situation, adding that since July 1, the Rosobrnadzor also instructed weekly report to the government of the Russian Federation about results of monitoring.

According to Golikova, on participation in unified state examination declared 713 673 people, of which 620 543 graduates of the current year. The number of students with disabilities is 6592 person.

Vice Prime Minister also recalled that as of 23 June, summer health campaign started in the Sakhalin region, Krasnoyarsk region, Buryatia, Irkutsk and Leningrad regions.

In early July, children's camps will begin work in nine regions - Bashkortostan, Karelia, the Krasnodar territory, the Belgorod, Vologda, Kirov, Kostroma, Orenburg and Rostov regions.

Following the discussion, the Rosobrnadzor and the Ministry of education of Russia tasked with coordinating the activities of stakeholders on the preparations for the exam.

In addition, higher officials of the subjects recommended to assist children's camps in opening and working with the advice of the CPS, as well as to provide control over the direction of organized groups of children in camps in other regions of Russia.