Kalyagin commented on the verdict Serebrennikov

The Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia Alexander Kalyagin has told RIA Novosti that will Express an opinion on the verdict defendants in the case, "the Seventh Studio" after studying the document, he's glad that all the "even so".

"Now I find it hard to say anything definite. I think that later, when I explore in detail the essence of the sentence imposed today Kirill Serebrennikov, I will Express my opinion. And while you can say only one thing – well, even so!" said Kalyagin.

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow was not to assign real-time defendants in high-profile cases, "the Seventh Studio": Director Kirill Serebrennikov and the other two defendants received suspended sentences, Sophia Apfelbaum – fine.

The first was convicted of embezzling nearly 129 million rubles, and the second of negligence in the reception of documents for payment: Apfelbaum then headed the Department in the Ministry of culture.