In the state Duma supported the decision not to ban Serebrennikov to lead the theatre

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Vladimir Bortko supported the court's decision not to prohibit Director Kirill Serebrennikov on to hold senior positions in the theater, noting that it is necessary to control the use of funds allocated by the state for performances.

On Friday the Meshchansky court of Moscow sentenced Serebrennikov to three years probation on charges of embezzlement of nearly 129 million rubles. In addition, pieces of silver have to pay 800 thousand rubles fine. The court did not additional punishment to ban Serebrennikov to take leadership positions in the theatre.

"Artists money, it is better not to give, they are people of wide - spend where it is not necessary. But if you have the talent, what to do with him... Let him work, money he did not give... to be necessary (for use of allocated funds - ed.), specially trained people there," said Bortko RIA Novosti.

He cited as an example the ancient story of the leader of Athens Pericles and the sculptor Phidias, who created one of the seven wonders - statue of Zeus. The sculptor spent dedicated to a statue of the money on booze and entertainment and could not complete the work that Pericles was ordered to allocate more resources, but exactly as long as necessary vidio of the sculpture, and to make sure that there was embezzlement.