Protection Apfelbaum commented on the judgment in the case of the "Seventh Studio"

Lawyer Sophia Apfelbaum Irina Poverennova said that she was confident in the court adopt a compromise solution and considers it "an analogue of excuses."

"A suspended sentence and Sonya are two things that are incompatible. So, thank you all for your friendship, support and care, I think we would not really have happened if we did not support such a large number of people. I personally was sure of the outcome. Argued with many of his girlfriends and friends, who told me that this can not be. Everyone knew that Sonja was worth it met at 159 article that she's not a fraud that knew nothing and wasn't kidnapped. And anyway, no one and nothing is stolen! We know the materials of the case, well studied", - she told reporters.

The lawyer said that he was confident that Apfelbaum is a first - class specialist, who was convinced that the project ("Platform") took place.

"Thank God for that. You know how in principle we have a history that acquittals we do not have, in any case, for 40 years of my work I the past 15 years never even heard that anyone was acquitted. But I was sure that they will accept a compromise solution, honestly thought, that will exonerate her. The decision that today is recognized as, it is actually similarly exculpatory sentence," she concluded.

Tonight petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has announced the verdict in a major case of Studio seven: Kirill Serebrennikov and the other two defendants received suspended sentences, Sophia Apfelbaum – fine.

The first was convicted of embezzling nearly 129 million rubles, and the second of negligence in the reception of documents for payment: Apfelbaum then headed the Department in the Ministry of culture.