Police reported six wounded in the incident in Glasgow

When the incident in Glasgow injured six people, including one policeman, said the Deputy head of police Scotland Steve Johnson.

Previously one of the streets in downtown were blocked by police, witnesses have circulated in social networks a video in which several armed police officers run into one of the buildings, presumably accommodation. It was reported that unknown persons attacked with a knife on residents. Media, citing its own sources reported three dead, several injured, and the traces of blood on the street. The police were asked to refrain from speculation about the incident and promised to disclose all available information.

"The man shot by the police (the suspect) died. Six more are in hospital where they are assisted. Among them the COP, he's in critical but stable condition," the statement reads.

Earlier, police reported that the situation is under control, no threat. During the incident a knife was shot one police officer, suspect shot by police, he acted alone.