In Kherson posted billboards about the OUN collaboration with Hitler

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Kherson has placed billboards, on which congratulates citizens with the anniversary of the "proclamation of Ukrainian state" June 30, 1941, as an illustration, presents a newspaper clipping with a statement of the OUN ("the organization of Ukrainian nationalists", whose military wing UPA* banned in Russia) about the close cooperation with Hitler, informs on Friday the Internet-the edition "Strenia".

"Kherson mayor Vladimir Nikolaenko congratulated citizens on the anniversary of the "proclamation of Ukrainian state" 30 June 1941, declaring close collaboration with Hitler", - said the publication on its website.

According to the newspaper, on billboards of the city with a greeting from Nikolaenko and members of the city Council appeared a clipping from the newspaper of the OUN "Samostiyna Ukraina" (independent Ukraine – ed.) of July 10, 1941. In this issue of the newspaper was published an act proclaimed by the supporters of Stepan Bandera in the OUN. However, as writes the edition, this was done without the consent of the Germans, they were ordered to forget about this act and it remained only on paper.

"The third article of the act States: "the re-established Ukrainian state will work closely with national socialist great Germany, which under leadership of Adolf Hitler creates a new order in Europe and the world and helping the Ukrainian people break free from under Moscow's occupation," - said in the publication.

In may 2015, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave the UPA* status "fighters for independence" of Ukraine, and its participants — the right to social security. Moscow condemned the decision, noting that "Ukraine — is the country where neo-Nazis have moved from words to deeds and killed thousands of civilians" and "that such action is necessary to give an adequate assessment at the international level". The glorification of the UPA* and its leaders Bandera and Shukhevych — drawn criticism from many war veterans and politicians, accusing Bandera in cooperation with the Nazis.

* Banned in Russia as extremist organization.