The experts identified five alternatives to the Russian foreign resorts

The experts identified five tourist places in Russia where you can do surfing, Hiking, eco-tourism, as well as regions for gourmets and lovers of Spa reports Booking.com.

According to the study, which was conducted from March to April 2020, the focus of the preferences of Russians moved to the side of the house: their desire to stay in the accommodation facilities within the country has increased significantly in 2020 (61 percent) compared to the previous year (39 percent).

"It is obvious that Bali is not the only place to surf on big waves, not only in the Alps you can enjoy plenty of magnificent views from the tops of slopes, written by experts. And if the Russians want to visit the national parks, they do not have to save for a trip to the United States. All this is in Russia, and travel to these undiscovered corners can bring as much satisfaction and joy as their overseas alternatives".

Among all the places for surfing in Russia Kamchatka is the most interesting – there all year round to catch the wave on the background of snow-covered volcanoes. However, poskolku water temperature does not rise above ten degrees, without a wetsuit is not enough. But as a bonus for adventurers – familiarity with the local sea lions and seals. Despite their impressive size, these animals are not dangerous: they are curious and love to observe the "rowers on the Board."

The main place for surfing in Kamchatka is considered to be long Khalaktyrsky beach of black volcanic sand, waves and views of the monumental volcanoes.

Altai mountains near the Russian border with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, often called "Siberian Switzerland", "Russian Tibet" and even New Zealand due to their beautiful landscape. This mountain range has it all for lovers of active holidays and for those seeking solitude: the lake, crystal clear springs, snowy peaks and vast valley covered with wildflowers.

Experts advise to stay in the area of lake Teletskoye. Its breathtaking scenery is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the Altai mountains.

National Park "Paanajarvi" is one of the preserved wilderness areas in the Northern region of Karelia, near the border with Finland. The hotel is close to the Arctic circle, autumn, winter and spring visitors will be able to see the Northern lights. At any time of the year — pristine forests, to preserve many species of plants and animals, mountain peaks separated by deep gorges, and beautiful lake paanajärvi, formed in fissures of the rock Foundation.

On the territory of the national Park are available for reservation wooden houses and Parking for tents, but if you want you can also stay outside the "Paanajarvi".

Three-quarters of travelers (75 percent) of companies surveyed around the world say that when choosing a place to stay they take into account the peculiarities of local cuisine. Vladivostok became popular among gastro-tourists for its fresh seafood and pan-Asian restaurants. Combines Western and Eastern culinary traditions, local cuisine with a wide range of crabs, mussels, sea cucumbers, scallops and other seafood may surprise even the most discerning palate.

Known an impressive variety of mineral waters and a mountain climate, the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters is often compared to such resorts as Montecatini Terme, Baden-Baden and Evian. The popularity of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk is due to the unique mineral springs, picturesque mountain landscapes, a mild climate and curative mud of the lake Tambukan. This region receives tourists who want to gain strength and improve their health, since the beginning of the XIX century.