In Phuket told me how to wear a mask on the beach

Phuket tourist police continued to monitor the compliance with safety rules on the beach, including wearing masks, according to The Phuket News.

According to her, the beach is equipped with signs and information boards reminding the rules. One of the characters is a portrait of the most Kebsap in the protective means and with the caption "Wear a mask".

Rescue workers and municipal employees have been ordered to remind people about the need to protect.

"We understand that many people want to feel the atmosphere of the sea and the beach, but please wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus, the mayor said. — Please be disciplined and without reminders from rescuers and officials."

Serawat Kriangkrai from the Department of public health at the municipality of Patong added that in some cases, without a mask still possible to do.

According to him, the allowable distance between the people on the beach – 1.5 meters. Group sports and other such activities is prohibited.

In turn, the tourist police Sergeant Nitta Bumthang noted that the staff of her Department daily patrol the beach in Patong.