Minsk has asked Switzerland for information about a "secret account" of the son of Lukashenko

Belarus through diplomatic channels, requested Switzerland information about the alleged multimillion-dollar account of Viktor Lukashenko at the Bank Credit Suisse, said Friday the foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Makei.

Earlier in social networks, media and Telegram-channels reported about the presence of alleged secret accounts of the eldest son of Alexander Lukashenko the assistant to the President for national security Viktor Lukashenko. In particular, it was allegedly published a screenshot of an extract from the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse, which indicated an account in the name of Lukashenka. However, the official representative of the Bank told RIA Novosti that this screenshot is fake, the Bank has no customer relationship with Viktor Lukashenko.

"The last of yesterday's situation: the son of the President (Belarus – ed.) is 840 million dollars found in one of the Swiss banks. However, the Bank denied (this information – ed.). But we have formally requested the Swiss side, so they gave us this information... Hope they will give it to us," said Mackay told reporters.

The Minister also noted that yesterday he had the opportunity to talk with the President of Belarus. "And I asked for half of this amount if we find, to convey to the Embassy (in Switzerland – ed.) to the development of foreign trade, foreign trade activities with the Swiss Confederation. If you find it. He promised," - laughing, said the Minister.

According to Makei, the absurdity of the situation is that those throws in the Internet such "news" come with, "what is happening in their countries" because "in many States ... the process of innings associated with severe enrichment".

"So I want to clearly say that in Belarus such was not, and will not be until the current leadership is in power, I can say unequivocally," - said the head of Department.

On Thursday, the President of Belarus called "terrible fake" information about 840 millions of dollars in a Swiss account by his son and suggested that anyone wishing to pick them up immediately.