Ryabkov: China is unlikely to change position on the negotiations on arms

Signs that China will soon change its stance on non-participation in the negotiations, the U.S. and Russia on strategic stability, no, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

As noted Ryabkov, during an online interview, absent "any indication that in the near future, China this position will reconsider".

He noted that the US has linking possible solutions in favor of extending the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3) with the connection of China to the future negotiations on arms control.

"We believe that such a linkage is artificial, it is counterproductive, we can in no way influence the position of Beijing. On the contrary, we declare that to the well-known negative position of Beijing with respect to the invitation to join such talks we are extremely respectful, fully understand, can see the logic here, by and large, to solve China how to continue," - said Ryabkov.

The contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms start I-3 remains the only current agreement between Russia and the USA on the limitation of armaments. It will cease to operate after February 5, 2021. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to extend the contract for five years without conditions.