The Sochi rescuers pulled from the sea carried away the balloon with the pilot

Rescuers evacuated ashore a hot air balloon pilot, made an emergency landing in the sea in Sochi, reports the southern regional search and rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia.

It is noted that on Friday morning, rescuers in Sochi called the pilot balloon and said in distress. He was three kilometers from the shore in the Black sea opposite the village of Golovinka. According to him, the fuel was over, but a strong wind carried the aircraft in the direction of Lazarevskoye.

"Rescuers Lazarevskoye division of UCSO went on a boat towards losing altitude balloon, found drive the aircraft and taken aboard the pilot born in 1985, resident of Adler ... Medical attention it needed ... and then with the help of the crew approached the boat pulled from the water shell and trailed the cab of the world," the statement reads.

Rescued the aeronaut said that in the morning I went into free flight with two tourists on Board. A romantic journey through the valley of the river the Shah was perfect, but on the coast the wind increased and began to carry the ball into the sea.

"A young couple was able to replant on a boat and send ashore the pilot, driving the ball, tried to return to land. But it continued to carry into the open sea, so he called rescuers. The amount of fuel it was not designed for such a long flight, the aircraft began to decline gradually to the water, but it was almost manageable because of the speed and direction of the wind," - said in the message.