The astronauts went out into space to replace batteries on the ISS

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken made Friday's planned spacewalk to upgrade the power supply system of the station, NASA will broadcast live.

The output of Behnken and Cassidy in the spacewalk officially began at 14.37 GMT - at the moment of switching their spacesuits to battery power supply. It is planned that the astronauts will remain on the external surface of the station approximately 6.5 hours. They will continue to work on the replacement of obsolete batteries for the power station when it is in the shadows, the new lithium ion batteries.

The ISS is equipped with 48 batteries: six for each of the eight channels of the power coming from the four solar stations. To date, NASA has conducted the replacement of 36 of the 48 battery.

The next spacewalk will take place on 1 July.