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Experts found in Google Play apps 47 with the Trojans

Experts Avast company specializing in digital security and protection, found in the app store Google Play Store 47 programs advertising Trojans, simulating games, says the company.

"Experts Avast has already informed the representatives of the Google Play Store about the apps, but some apps still available in the Google Play store. Investigating Google for these applications is ongoing," write the experts. Found apps have been downloaded over 15 million times.

Application with the Trojans family HiddenAds can hide your icons on your device and Intrusive ads. Among the detected applications, SEM can open a browser on the smartphone to display more ads. "Even when the user deletes the app from your device, ads will still show up consistently. Apps have low features and a low rating: users complain of constant advertising," experts say.

"Such campaigns as HiddenAds, can get to the official Google Play Store, concealing his true purpose, or slowly introducing malicious features, already downloaded to your device. Such advertising campaigns are difficult to prevent, because the attackers use one-time accounts of developers for each application," commented analyst threats in Avast Jakub vávra.

The expert advises users to remain vigilant, and when you download new apps on their devices to learn the application on the subject of negative reviews, requests for a large number of permits and more.

Avast is one of the world's largest companies that develop security software. Founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. One of the largest markets for Avast are the US and Canada, Brazil, France, Russia and Germany.