In Ivanovo region the patient died from coronavirus

Male 39 years old, who became the fortieth died in the Ivanovo region of a patient with confirmed coronavirus infection, were infected by the arrival from Moscow of a friend, who was diagnosed with the symptoms of SARS, said on Friday the regional government.

According to the June 26, in the Ivanovo region was 4405 cases of novel coronavirus infection, a day set 75 diagnoses. New events: 53 people were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with previously diseased infected 19 persons, mostly household contacts. Two patients arrived from Moscow, one from Saint Petersburg.

During the day, discharged 120 people in total to date in the Ivanovo region has recovered 2763 patient. Forty patients with confirmed COVID-19 died.

"Information on one of them appeared in the last day. This patient is 39 years of Gavrilov Posad. In the history of disease draws attention to the fact that the patient had contact with a man who came from Moscow with symptoms of SARS. Had comorbidities, but the main cause of death, as shown by pathologic examination, was bilateral pneumonia caused by coronavirus infection," - said in the message.

Authorities say that in all 40 cases of fatal outcomes in patients had severe comorbidities.

In hospital at the moment, there are 755 people with COVID-19, including on the beds with oxygen – 230, on the ventilator – 17 patients.

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