The mayor of Madrid has suggested to demand from arriving tests COVID-19

Passengers arriving from risk zones, where the level of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 is higher than in Spain must present a pre-made tests on the absence of a coronavirus, such a proposal was made by the mayor of Madrid, josé Luis martínez-Almeida.

"Measures (airport) insufficient Barajas is the main international point of entry to Spain... it is Necessary to strengthen security measures to control potential infected people who come to our city... would have to request the tests (passengers who come) from certain risk areas that would have been made in places where they're going," the mayor said in an interview with Telecinco.

In addition, it considers necessary to carry out the "sample tests" at the airport. "We need to show that Madrid is a safe city, and for this we must control Madrid-Barajas airport," he added.

21 Jun Spain ended the alert, in effect since March 14, moreover, the borders were opened for European countries (members of the Schengen area and the EU), except for Portugal, the boundaries of which will open on 1 July.

All entering the country, foreigners and Spaniards, returning from abroad must pass in the airports of the triple control – provide details, where they will stay, pass the test temperature and "visual control". If one of these three preliminary checks fails, the passenger is sent for medical examination. However, the authorities of Madrid considered these measures insufficient.

Only on 11 may and 11 June, that is, when the borders were still closed, through the Barajas airport in Madrid got 32 people diagnosed with the coronavirus.

According to the Chairman of the government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also, "if you do not strengthen security in connection with COVID-19 in Barajas, what happened, could again happen in the country".

Spain is one of the most affected by the pandemic COVID-19 countries. According to official data of the Ministry of health, its victims were 28.3 thousand people. Using PCR testing identified more than 247 thousand cases of the disease, although the Ministry of health conducted a study on antibodies suggests that the disease has moved 2.3 million people, i.e. 5% of the population. In Madrid has developed the most complex situation in the Metropolitan area of 71.5 thousand people were identified coronavirus, had died of 8.4 thousand people.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.