Abbot Sergius did not intend to leave the Orthodox Church into schism, said his colleague

Deny coronavirus Abbot Sergius (in the world Nikolay Romanov), though not adopted the decision of the Yekaterinburg diocese banning in Ministry and translation of Sredneuralskaya monastery to another monastery, but to leave the Russian Orthodox Church does not intend to, said RIA Novosti one of the closest associates of the cleric Vsevolod Moguchev.

On Friday, ecclesiastical court of the diocese of Yekaterinburg was moved to July 3 hearing on the case of chiyoumen Sergius. Himself a cleric, it was calling all the decisions of the diocese regarding his uncanonical. In his last address to supporters, posted on YouTube, he said that "external forces" claim to want "to destroy the Russian people" and "the main enemy of Russia" for them - the Russian Orthodox Church. Some media interpreted these words of chiyoumen as a "ROC - the main enemy in Russia," whereupon he goes into a split.

According to him, the Abbot with anyone and do not conflict. Regarding the reaction of the monk and his supporters to the forthcoming decision of the ecclesiastical court of the diocese, Moguchev said: "the day will be food, look upon".

In turn, the diocese called the behavior of chiyoumen Sergius, who refused to obey Church orders, "the violation of priestly oath" and urged him to repent. It recalled that after the ban on the service performed all the ordinances will be void. Despite this he Abbot, according to Moguchev, continues to serve the Liturgy and to make a confession Sredneuralsky in the monastery, where together with him, according to his supporter, are 523.

He noted Moguchev, the monastery lives the "old life", to let the pilgrims, but the access of journalists in the last week limited.

Previously, father Sergius said that the situation with COVID-19 is a "pseudopodia" that Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work". After the appeals of the priest to take to the streets and protest, the diocese initially denied him the right to preach, but Abbot Sergius, despite this, continued to speak out and criticize the closure of the temples, his appeal was posted on Youtube. The result of the ruling Bishop, it was decided on the prohibition of Romanov in the service.

A priest because of his public statements also filed an administrative case scheduled on July 7.