In RVIO told when you may receive the title of Generalissimo in Russia

The title Generalissimo will reappear in Russia only in the event of a major war, now it needs no, told RIA Novosti chief specialist of the scientific Department of RVIA Denis Shpola.

The title of Generalissimo was abolished after the October revolution and the newly introduced 75 years ago, on 26 June 1945, by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

The historian noted that during the great Patriotic war emerged a large number of generals, "to the end of the war, the most significant was promoted to Marshal in 1943 Marshal of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin."

"To emphasize the special merits of Stalin, to distinguish it from a group of outstanding commanders, and was introduced by the title of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union. The next day, June 27, it was assigned to him", - reminded Shpola.

The expert told a historical anecdote: Stalin long refused the title of Generalissimo, and to a meeting of Konstantin Rokossovsky told him: "You are the Marshal, and Marshal. You to punish me can not!"

The proposal to establish a new rank and assign it to Stalin "for outstanding leadership of military operations" that led to victory over Nazi Germany, was signed by a group of generals, including Georgy Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Alexander Vasilevsky Rodion Malinovsky, Kirill Meretskov, Ivan Bagramyan, said the expert of the RVIA.

The uniform and insignia of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union during Stalin's lifetime were not approved. In one embodiment, the uniform decorated with Golden epaulettes with the emblem of the USSR and the star wreath of oak leaves, he is now kept in the Central Museum of the armed forces.

The first Generalissimo of Russia became the Governor Alexey Shein (1662-1700), this title was granted to him by Peter 28 June 1696 for successful operations during the second Azov campaign. The official title of Generalissimo of Russia introduced a Military Charter of 1716. The Generalissimo was also a close associate of Peter I Alexander Menshikov (1673-1729), father of Emperor Ivan VI, Prince Anton Ulrich of Brunswick (1714-1774) and commander Alexander Suvorov (1729-1800).