Finland is ready to help Sweden in the fight against coronavirus

Finland is ready to help Sweden in the fight against coronavirus, said Friday the Minister for Nordic cooperation and equality Thomas Blomqvist.

In Finland are closely watching the situation with COVID-19 in Sweden, where the incidence remains high compared to regional neighbors.

"Finland is ready to help Sweden in the delivery of health care: hospitals in the North (the land border between the countries) can treat patients who are not suffering from a coronavirus," wrote Blomqvist on Twitter.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Finland Maria Kisala also said in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that Finland is ready to assist Sweden.

The head of the most Northern Swedish province Norrbotten Anna-Stina, Nordmark-Nilsson said that Sweden is ready to accept the assistance previously reported Finnish media.

According to the Finnish physicians, hospitals Lapland would be able to treat the Swedish patients in need of intensive therapy to Swedish hospitals were able to focus on those who are sick with coronavirus, also in Finland, ready to carry out tests for coronavirus for the Swedish side.

According to the Finnish authorities, requests for assistance arise in Sweden at the local level, especially in neighbouring regions via a land border. However, an official request at the national level were reported.

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