The Caribbean is expected to more than ten strong hurricanes

This year in the Caribbean could fall in more than a dozen powerful hurricanes, some of which have the chance to become very destructive, according to ATOR, citing National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA).

According to experts, the hurricane season this year will be "above normal". Caribbean resorts are waiting for 13 to 19 tropical storms, of which six to ten could become hurricanes third category (wind speed of 200 kilometers per hour and above).

During the season, which lasts from 1 June to 30 November, has already registered three tropical storm "Arthur "Bert" and "Cristobal". The first happened in early may.

According to NOAA, an average hurricane season over the Atlantic (and the resorts in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, other Caribbean States, the USA and partly Mexico) is 12 tropical storms.

As experts NOAA, the formation of hurricanes depends on a combination of different climatic factors. So, in the season 2020 climate scientists do not expect the formation of such phenomena as El niño. This natural phenomenon occurs off the coast of Ecuador, usually tends to suppress hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.

Among other factors that contribute to the emergence of a greater number of hurricane – enhancing sea surface temperature, the weaker the tropical Atlantic trade winds and a stronger monsoon in West Africa.