Virologist explained the new surge of coronavirus in Europe

The increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in Europe — a consequence of the weakening of anti-epidemic measures, but this cannot be considered the second wave of the disease, said RIA Novosti doctor of medical Sciences, virologist, Professor Anatoly Altstein.

He commented on the words of the Director regional office for Europe, world health organization Hans Kluge, who said that the surge of cases COVID-19 in Europe could once again jeopardize the health care system of some countries.

According to Altana, in most countries the incidence has not decreased to zero, but to consider an increase in the number of cases from 200-300 to 400 the second wave is impossible.

"Maybe they have a small increase in the number of cases but it is not talking about the second wave. Just weakened the anti-epidemic measures, and beginning to get increased quantity. So what about the second wave is not necessary," — said the virologist.

According to the latest who data, there are almost 9.3 million people infected with coronavirus, 479 thousand of them died.

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