MIA has recorded a growth of production of synthetic drugs in Russia

Police recorded an increase in the production of synthetic drugs in Russia against the background of strengthening control on international routes, the press service of the interior Ministry.

On Friday, the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev holds a meeting of the State anti-drug Committee of the country.

"The strengthening of control over the movement of goods and freight on international routes has resulted in a reduction of illegal import to the territory of the Russian Federation of drugs, which have a foreign origin. Against this background, attempts have been made to expand the production of synthetic drugs in the country. In the first quarter of the internal Affairs bodies liquidated nearly 60 laboratories, which is 44% higher than the same period last year", - the press service quoted the words Kolokoltseva.

"The joint efforts of Federal agencies, regional anti-drug commissions in the past year managed to achieve some positive momentum. The level of crime in the field of illicit drug trafficking decreased by almost 9.5%, and the number of drug addicts by 5%", - he added.

It is noted that the legalization of some countries of the so-called soft drugs constitute a threat to international contracts, and most importantly – the health of the population.