Security measures stepped up the court, which verdict Serebrennikov

Safety measures are stressed about the Meshchansky court of Moscow, which is preparing to render a verdict Director Kirill Serebrennikov and others involved in the case, "the Seventh Studio", the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The area around the court was cordoned off, the throughput mode is toughened. Duty additional police and bailiffs.

As expected, the meeting will come numerous journalists, friends of the accused and a support group. The verdict will be announced in the great hall of the court, however, because of the need to observe social distance, the space may be enough not all - for them to be broadcast online.

Earlier, the Prosecutor asked to sentence Serebrennikov to six years in prison, a fine of 800 thousand rubles and a ban to occupy in cultural institutions positions related to administrative and distribution activities for three years. Producer Alexei Malopolska the state Prosecutor asked to appoint five years of imprisonment and a fine of 300 thousand, the former General Director "the Seventh Studio" Yuri Itino and ex-official of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum - four years and 200 thousand fine. The defendants pleaded not guilty.

The part dedicated to the "Platform" of the money cashed. The prosecution believes that this money was stolen. The defense claims that cashed all the money spent on production. To check how much has been spent on the project activities, conducted three examinations, two established damage, the second indicates that the project has even saved budget money. All of them in the case on which the judge will rely in sentencing, will be clear only at the time of announcement.

The case of the "Seventh Studio" has already lasted three years - the first searches took place in may 2017. The project "Platform" - multi-genre platform, it was conducted both performances and exhibitions, lectures, workshops.