The Prosecutor's office is not allowed to build on lake Baikal plant for bottling water

The court in Ulan-Ude invalidated the right of ownership of the company, "the Well of the earth," founders are Chinese businessmen, land land on the Bank of lake Baikal, where it was planned to build a plant for bottling water, according to the Baikal interregional environmental Prosecutor's office.

"The issue of construction of factories for bottling of Baikal water appeared in the beginning of 2019 and gained a wide public resonance. As a result of the Prosecutor's office measures, industrial facilities, planned for construction in violation of law, not construction", - said the Prosecutor.

According to supervising Department, a commercial organization founded by the Beijing holding company with limited liability "the Well of the earth", in these sections it was planned the implementation of activities for bottling of Baikal water have been carried out preliminary research work.

"The decision of the Kabansky district court of Ulan-Ude... granted petition environmental Prosecutor on recognition of the absent of the right of ownership of "the Well of the earth" for three plots of land in the area p. Klyuevka Kabansky district, a total area of over 307 thousand square meters (30, 7 hectares) total cadastral value of more than 12 million rubles. the Court accepted the decision on removal plots with cadastre", - stated in the message.

According to prosecutors, the government of Buryatia in 2006 was granted land in private property. Controversial areas have an intersection with the state forest Fund, and one of the sections is located at a distance of 10.8 meters from the water's edge of lake Baikal. However, twenty-meter area of the lake shore is public property and not subject to alienation in private property.

The provision of plots effected in violation of the ban on the circulation of lands of the Central ecological zone of the Baikal natural territory, which is part of the territory included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The disputed land areas belong to the exclusive Federal property.

"This judicial act is grounds for exclusion from the unified state register of real estate information on the right of ownership of "the Well of the earth" to land plots and their withdrawal from the cadastre, - said the Prosecutor.