MP: Armenia's constitutional court have 15 days to decide whether the claim of the opposition

The constitutional court of Armenia have 15 days to decide whether to take part in the proceedings of the opposition parliamentary faction "prosperous Armenia", which challenges the previously made amendments to the Main Law providing for the displacement of the head of the constitutional court, told journalists on Friday the Deputy of the faction Naira Zohrabyan.

"Yesterday we sent an electronic version of the appeal to the constitutional court, and today has distributed the paper version of the head of the staff of the constitutional court, Edgar Ghazaryan. He said that there is a certain procedure. Within 15 days it must be decided whether it is the appeal to the production," said Zohrabyan.

Earlier the faction of "prosperous Armenia" said that they initiated the collection of signatures of deputies to appeal to the constitutional court to challenge the amendments to the Constitution. The party urged the second opposition faction of Armenia to join the initiative to gain the necessary number of signatures. The leader of the "Light of Armenia" Edmon Marukyan said that political power will return to KS after discussion, the constitutional court case of ex-President Robert Kocharian to avoid politicization of the issue.

To appeal to the constitutional court requires the signatures of at least one-fifth of the total members of Parliament (26,4 132). The faction "prosperous Armenia" has 25 mandates. It was joined by the Deputy Urikhanyan.

Earlier, the Armenian Parliament adopted the ruling faction of the "step" the draft amendments to the Constitution providing for the termination of powers of the head of the constitutional court, which will remain the judge of KS. The amendments also suggest the dismissal of constitutional court judges who together hold this position for at least 12 years. The authors substantiate the necessity of its adoption by the fact that the reformed Constitution of 2015 sets for the members of the COP 12-year term in office. Under the project, the members of the constitutional court will be able to elect a new President after the resignation of the previous head of the COP and the changing of judges. As a result of the changes, the constitutional court abandoned the three judges. Later, the Parliament adopted amendments to its rules of procedure, not allowing to send constitutional amendments to the President for signature. Authorities claim that the amendments entered into force on 26 June.

The opposition faction of Armenia and "prosperous Armenia", said the draft amendments unconstitutional and refused to participate in the deliberations and voting. The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe expressed regret that the proposal for amendments to the Constitution was submitted to the Parliament of Armenia on the day of the adoption of its conclusion. She notes that "the proposal does not meet the recommendations set out in the opinion of the Venice Commission".