The newest laser cutter for divers will show on the forum "Army 2020"

The latest device for laser cutting under water for the first time will show at the exhibition-forum "Army 2020", said Friday in a press-service of the defense Ministry.

The event will be held from 23 to 28 August in the Park "Patriot" (Kubinka).

"The unique laser cutting device for underwater diving underwater engineering and salvage work will demonstrate to the International military-technical forum "Army 2020". This innovative development will allow the divers to carry out manual gas-dynamic laser cutting of metal constructions and products made of composite materials at depths up to 60 meters", - stated in the message.

However, the depth of works that device can be increased up to 600 meters when using the remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicle.

As noted by the developers of the products of Scientific research Institute of rescue and undersea technologies for Military training and scientific center of the Russian Navy, the project implemented the idea of using laser technology under the water, while the emphasis is on the ability to work in a continuous cutting designs without the need for the use and replacement of the electrodes.

The defense Ministry expressed confidence that this laser "cutter" will find wide application not only in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, but also in the civilian sector, and will ensure the safe and effective implementation of rescue and underwater technical works.