The house of representatives of the United States Congress votes to create new state

The house of representatives Friday will vote on the status of the capital Washington, which proposed to make the 51st state in the Union.

Currently, the Washington administrative point of view, is the Federal district of Columbia, not included in any of the States.

Sponsors of the initiative are the congressmen from the Democratic party that owns and Pelosi. They point out that the capital's residents fulfill their civic duties, but do not have the opportunity to elect their representatives in the Federal Congress.

As for the prospects of the bill, expected to be approved in the lower house, where Democrats have a majority, and rejected in the Senate under Republican control. The White house said that in any case will impose on the veto bill.

Earlier, the President of Donald trump in an interview with the New York Post called the Washington 100% owned by the Democrats, noting that its transformation into a state I can only vote "very stupid Republicans".