In Russia will develop a new all-weather satellite monitoring system

Specialists of group of companies RTI and state Corporation "Roscosmos" considered the issues of technical shape of the planned creation of a new Russian geosynchronous space radar surveillance system "the GEOSAR", told RIA Novosti press-service of the company "Radio engineering Institute named after academician A. L. mints" (JSC RTI, is a group of RTI).

"Following the meeting we decided that given the topic of RTI JSC and JSC "NPO Lavochkin" (enterprise "Roscosmos" - ed.) there are points of intersection and opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. So now we already developed specific documents for the final fixation of our agreements", – quoted the press service quoted the General Director of JSC RTI Kirill Makarov.

For the group of companies of RTI this is not the first successful experience with the state Corporation "Roscosmos". In 2018 at the Yaroslavl radio factory was opened shop on the layout of the modules of the payload, produced by the enterprise of the state Corporation – the company "Information satellite systems them. Reshetnev".

About plans of creation of system "GEOSAR" became known in 2018 from the documentation of the brain research Institute of the space industry, the Institute. However, it was reported. The technical appearance of the system will deal with the company "Information satellite systems" to them. Reshetnev".

Currently, Russia is not in the grouping of radar satellites.

The principle of operation of radar satellites based on the radiation in the direction of Land and registration of satellites of the reflected probe pulses. The use of radar allows to obtain an image of the terrain with up to a few centimeters per pixel, and the use of different wavelengths allows to look at the depth of several meters under the earth's surface and to detect shelter, pipelines, finding mineral deposits. Thus in contrast to optical equipment, radar surveillance methods can be used in the dark time of day and in any weather.