Vilfand: heat in Verhojansk can be a meteorological record

Heat to 38 degrees, the pole of cold in Verkhoyansk can be among the unique meteorological records, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

Earlier, the head of the Yakut Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, Tatiana Marsalek reported RIA Novosti, 20 June the air in Verhojansk is warmed up to plus 38 degrees, the cause of such weather in the sharply continental climate of Yakutia and powerful anticyclone from the East.

He added that representatives of WMO discuss the creation of a catalogue of a very rare weather events.

"It is clear that all the records fixed, and for extreme events will create something like Guinness. I half-jokingly say. Imagine that the North pole is 35 degrees. Event in Verhojansk pretends to be on the list of extreme weather records. The previous record was 31 degrees, it seems that too incredibly much, but when once above six or seven degrees. Take record pole vault. He is above six feet. Now imagine that someone jumped to nine meters. It's a surprise?" - said Vilfand.

The scientist explained that WMO intends to check for Verkhoyansk recorded a temperature.

"To check they certainly will appeal to the Roshydromet. All methods of observation are used for data verification, including remote. Such a procedure for all records. They are checked with the help of modern means of harmonization: the rows of data on adjacent data, and using mathematical information processing. It always requires confirmation, not only in respect of Verkhoyansk," - said Vilfand.