Media: neighbours, Qatar is rejecting the mediation of Kuwait to the question of Doha

In neighbouring Qatar, the country has not yet accepted the mediation of Kuwait to resolve the conflict with Doha, said Qatari Ambassador to USA Meshaal bin Hamad al Thani in an interview with the Al Monitor Podcast.

In his opinion, is a guarantee that these countries "will come to their senses and recognize the lack of alternatives to solution based dialogue that is based on respect of all parties."

However, he noted that "the mediation of Kuwait led by the Emir to the conflict between Qatar and its neighbours have not disappeared, and Kuwait along with the United States continues to make efforts to find a solution to end the crisis."

Neighbouring countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt more than three years ago severed diplomatic relations with Doha, accusing the Emirate of supporting terrorism and setting its transport blockade. Qatar has repeatedly denied the charges, claiming that they are based on false information. At the end of last year the Minister for foreign Affairs of Qatar, said that the Doha talks with Saudi Arabia to end the crisis in relations between the neighbors, but after a while he announced the failure of these negotiations.