Trump said that it is easier to deal with Russia than with the Democrats

The US President Donald trump said that Russia, China and North Korea it is easier to deal with than American Democrats.

He noted that "Democrats never want to allocate money for the army for whatever reason." "You have no idea what I went through with these people (Democrats - ed.)", the President added, referring to the workers.

Shipyard Fincantieri Marinette Marin - U.S. subsidiary of Italian enterprise Fincantieri, one of the world's largest shipbuilders. Previously, the administration trump signed with the shipyard contract for the construction of ten new frigates with guided missiles worth nearly $ 5.5 billion.

Previously, trump has repeatedly talked about the desire to "get along" with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, osol Russia to Washington Anatoly Antonov at the beginning of June it was noted that relations between Russia and the United States "somewhat frozen", it seems that the positive signals from Moscow to the American side do not reach.