The first death from COVID-19 in Colombia occurred earlier than anticipated

The first death from COVID-19 in Colombia have occurred much earlier than anticipated – before the official date of emergence of the virus in the country, said the national statistics Department.

"In the first quarter of 2020 was 30 deaths confirmed COVID-19, 94 fatal cases with suspected COVID-19 and 2135 deaths from pneumonia and influenza. The first death that could occur from COVID-19 was registered on 15 February, while the first confirmed death from the coronavirus was 26 February," the report of the Department.

Previously, the government of Colombia stated that the first reported case of coronavirus has on March 6, and the first death on March 16.

In early June, the University of Rosario in bogotá published a study according to which the coronavirus in Colombia may have appeared on February 17, the most likely country of origin was called France.

In Colombia at the moment, was 77 113 cases of coronavirus, has recovered 31 671 people died 2 491 patient.

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