In St. Petersburg, said the opening of children's recreation camps

Summer health campaign in the summer camps of St. Petersburg could start from the beginning of July, the press service of the Governor of the city.

According to the Governor Alexander Beglov at a meeting of the coordinating headquarters of the presidential envoy to combat the spread of coronavirus in the North-West Federal district, June 29, the children will begin to prepare the first three state camps in the Resort area – "dawn", "sun" and "Youth". Also in the Leningrad region from July 2 to begin preparation to receive children five state camps – four camps of the centre of improvement and rest "Youth" and "Mirror".

It is planned to open seven camps on the territory of St. Petersburg and 29 camps in the Leningrad region.

"Thus, until the end of the summer for four-hour shifts for 15 days in the camps will be able to relax more than 26 thousand children," said Beglov, whose words are reported.

It is noted that at the expense of the city budget is organized holidays for children and teenagers aged 7 to 15 years, are in a difficult life situation and related to preferential categories. Children-orphans and children left without parental care, from single-parent, low-income families. This year the list of privileged categories included children of doctors providing care to patients with coronavirus. Children with disabilities from 7 to 17 years will be able within 14 days for rest in sanatoriums.

The experts of Rospotrebnadzor will check all the camps on the willingness to work in a special mode, in compliance with sanitary requirements. In particular, should be provided with a closed mode of operation, the children and staff will simultaneously call the camp and stay there without going over the territory. In the camps should be regularly disinfected, and provide medical monitoring.

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