There was a video awards lost a Shoe on parade girls

The Baltic fleet has posted a video of awarding servicemen of Xenia Kalchinskoe that losing a Shoe during the Victory day parade in Kaliningrad, but continued to March and do not break ranks.

The footage shows how the Baltic fleet commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov awarded the participant of parade commander of a commemorative medal, a diploma and handed a bouquet of flowers before the formation of the midshipmen and officers.

Recently the media drew attention to the participant of parade of victory Day in Kaliningrad, who, having lost a Shoe, continued to March and do not break ranks. Took the parade commander of the Baltic fleet noted the calmness of the girl. According to him, nobody even noticed the incident.

In the Victory parade in Kaliningrad on 24 June was attended by fifteen hundred soldiers of the Baltic fleet and employees of other law enforcement agencies.

On the main square of the city and have driven mechanized column, which included 75 units of military equipment, including the legendary T-34 tank. Was presented to tanks T-72B3, self-propelled artillery "Carnation", a large-caliber gun "Hyacinth", anti-aircraft gun complexes "Pantsir-S1" complexes "Iskander", multiple rocket launchers "Smerch" and "Grad" and anti-ship coastal missile systems "Bal" and "Bastion".

The final part of the parade was the passage in the single air ranks 20 aircraft and helicopters.

Also, the city gave the salute of the most famous Soviet guns of the great Patriotic war — ZIS-3, participating in East Prussian offensive operation and storm of the fortress city of Konigsberg in early April 1945.