In Serbian Novi pazar has introduced a state of emergency due COVID-19

The crisis headquarters of the city of Novi Pazar in southwest Serbia introduced on Thursday a state of emergency due to the growth in the number of patients COVID-19, said city officials.

Novi Pazar is the center of a region that locals, more than 80% of whom are Muslim, are called the word Ottoman times – Sandzak. As in the North of Macedonia and Albania, the increase in the incidence of coronavirus began after the violations of the restrictions on meetings of citizens in the feast of Eid al-Fitr 23 may and due to weddings and other traditional celebrations. According to local doctors, the rise in the number of patients is particularly noticeable in the last 20 days, all in the municipality of 339 infected, died 14 people.

"The city headquarters for emergency situations of Novi Pazar adopted the decision on introduction of state of emergency on the entire territory of the city, it shall enter into force today (Thursday)... Prohibits the Assembly of citizens in closed and open spaces more than five people. It is prohibited to conduct family celebrations. Limited working hours of cafes and restaurants from 7.00 to 19.00," - said the city administration in Facebook.

Separately prescribed "a strict ban on the use of hookahs". Staff and visitors to cafes and restaurants have to wear masks, institutions themselves should be regularly disinfected, and observed the distance between the audience. Religious communities, the city government advised "to do everything necessary to protect believers."

In may and early June in Serbia, a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19, but on Tuesday the diagnosis was confirmed in 102 people on Wednesday to 143, and Thursday at 137. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Serbia contracted 13 372 people. For the last three days, two patients died, the total number of victims of the pandemic has reached 264. Authorities returned to the compulsory wearing of masks in public transport and urged citizens to wear them indoors. In Belgrade two centers diagnosis of a coronavirus from Friday moved on around the clock.

Minister of health Zlatibor Loncar earlier suggested that the lack of new infected with a coronavirus can be expected in Serbia on 9 or 10 July.

Serbia eased measures after the abolition of the may 6, of the state of emergency and curfew, imposed in mid-March. Cafes and restaurants, public and commercial enterprises. Stored measures of social distance in public places and transport. With may 18 open air, the national airline launched regular flights on may 21. Serbia from 1 June opened the borders for citizens of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Northern Albania.

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