From Omsk nursing home was hospitalized all patients COVID-19

The Ministry of health of the Omsk region, reported on Thursday that the number of cases of coronavirus in a nursing home in Omsk reached 31, all patients were hospitalized.

Earlier, on June 23, publishing Commercial news published a scanned letter on official letterhead of the Ministry of health of the Omsk region, addressed to the President oberstab of the region Vladimir Kupriyanov at the request of the chief sanitary doctor of the region Alexander Krige. In a letter to report the hospitalization of nine elderly patients with suspected coronavirus. In two days, as noted in the publication document, hospitalized 19 people, and under the threat of infection was 200 patients gerontological Nezhinsky boarding school. In a published letter says that a one-time to be hospitalized is the number of patients is impossible, as "bedspace does not have the necessary reserve." A copy of the letter on the newspaper's website signed by the Minister of health of the Omsk region, Irina Soldatova.

"The Ministry of health organized everyday (2 times a day) medical surveillance (patients school), examinations, treatment of primary disease (not COVID - 19). All the necessary assistance ... the patient is in full. Since the beginning of the observation was hospitalized 31 people as positive samples and the severity of the condition. Currently, patients with positive tests on the territory of the gerontology center, all patients who are in need, hospitalized", - told reporters on 25 June, the press service of the regional Ministry of health.

The Ministry added that on Wednesday June 24, the guests took tests for coronavirus and two were positive.

"The Ministry of health of the Omsk region has repeatedly sent information to the Ministry of labour and social development and Rospotrebnadzor on the need to strengthen the quarantine regime in the Nezhinsky gerontology center, transfer to the observation of all institutions, as well as a shift method of work of the personnel using PPE all staff,- added in Department.

The Ministry noted that "this outbreak must not happen again", and the number of beds in the region are "enough" for admission.

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