Police detained in new York after the application of a strangles

Police in new York arrested after the video which shows how he applies a rear naked choke, reports NBC News.

It is reported that former police officer David Afandor can bring charges of strangulation. It is noted that this is not the first time he used force on the job: previously, he has been charged with assault after the video, which was recorded as he hits teen.

Earlier, NBC News reported that a policeman was suspended Sunday because of the video, which was filmed, the use of strangulation against a black male. The video shows several police officers keep a man in the stomach, and one of them clutches his neck. In turn, the video from the body camera shows how three men arguing with the police before was applied a rear naked choke. One of them approaches the police and asks if they are afraid.

A law enforcement source told the TV station that the incident occurred after the call came in, reporting that three men much trouble to other people and throw objects at them.

According to the representative of the public defender, representing the interests of the victim, the man after the incident were hospitalized.

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo on June 12 signed a law that increases the control over the police, including legislation criminalizing the use of strangulation at the arrest and the disclosure of disciplinary information about police officers.

The death of the African-American George Floyd led to lasted more than a week of mass protests against the police and racism in the U.S. and other countries. Among the appeals of the activists of the police reform, including changes in the practice of funding law enforcement.