"We will not protect the Germans from Russia." Against whom the United States are friends with Poland

Donald trump received the first after the lifting of the quarantine the foreign visitor — the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. This summit followed closely in Berlin: trying to understand, when the us military moved from Germany to the Polish territory. But trump and Duda did not name specific figures and plans. What is the essence of new agreements between Washington and Warsaw, was taken to RIA Novosti.

Polish leader visits the United States annually. Agenda virtually unchanged: the tramp and the dude discuss how to strengthen military, energy and economic cooperation. Americans have traditionally praised the poles for the contribution to NATO's promise to reduce their dependence on Russian energy and called Warsaw a "valuable partner in Europe."

The intrigue of this meeting was given that it took place a few days before the election of the President of Poland. According to opinion polls, Duda while the favorite, but during the quarantine, his rating dipped. In fact, the vote planned for 10 may, and the popularity of the head of state in the spring exceeded 60 percent. But now it supports less than half of the voters, the second round of elections is imminent.

Main rival Duda — mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski. His rating is 20%. The election campaign the opposition builds on a critique of economic and social policies of the ruling party "law and justice". Trzaskowski stated that because of ill-conceived strategies of the authorities to quarantine without work remains about a million poles.

Not satisfied with the opposition that for the sake of rapprochement with the Americans, Poland spoil relations with Brussels. Now possible problems in obtaining funds from European funds. Trzaskowski calls the tune dependent politician: say, all decisions are made the leader of the conservatives in Parliament, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. President sluggishly responded to the criticism, but before the vote, acted decisively. To improve the rating, went on a visit to the United States. In addition, for the year in Polish-American relations have accumulated a lot of questions.

The main issue that concerns not only Warsaw, but also in most European countries, whether the U.S. military will move from Germany to the poles. Shortly before the visit Duda President of the United States confirmed that the American contingent in Germany will be reduced by 9.5 thousand people. Trump did not rule out moving some units in neighboring Poland, but on direct agreements with the Tune there was no question. Personal meeting to dot the i.

"Poland has fulfilled the promise to send on the defence spending of the Alliance two percent of GDP. Part of our forces from Germany back home, and some will travel to other European countries. One of them — Poland" — said the tramp after a meeting with Duda.

The Polish leader, in turn, recalled that for several years asks America to expand its military presence in the country. Now in the Western regions of Poland is more than five thousand American soldiers. But Washington and Warsaw reglamentary is not directly, but through NATO.

Duda lobbying for the establishment of permanent US bases, promising to call her Fort trump. Americans do not give a clear answer. Not convince them and fears of Polish politicians that Russia will deploy in the Kaliningrad region the rocket "Iskander". Washington believed that even in such a scenario of NATO forces in Europe is enough.

Last year Duda and trump reached a compromise: Washington promised to increase troops in Europe for a thousand people. Now the presidents have agreed that Warsaw will take another thousand American military.

"The decision about the relocation to Poland — a signal to Russia, which is trying to influence European policy," explained trump the General solution.

Russia is not the only "security risk", which discussed the trump and Duda. Serious concern to Washington is the policy of the German authorities. And not only that Berlin ignores the requirement to increase defense spending NATO up to two percent of GDP.

The white house is outraged by the fact that, despite the threat of sanctions, the German authorities are involved in the construction of Russian gas pipeline "Nord stream — 2". "Moscow Germany pays billions for energy, and we need to protect the Germans from Russia? The disorder," said trump, a few days before meeting with Him. And again cited Poland as an example.

Warsaw, unlike Berlin, is trying hard to minimize their dependence on Russian energy. Alternatively, the Polish authorities consider American liquefied natural gas (LNG). The pilot delivery of natural gas began two years ago. In this case of LNG, according to Polish officials, cheaper Russian raw materials.

Trump and Duda agreed that by 2022, the transportation of LNG to Poland will go full speed. For this build terminals in Louisiana. Warsaw has promised to re-sell American gas to Ukraine if no problems with logistics.

Some amount of LNG, the Polish authorities have already sent to Kiev. There has gratefully accepted the help of neighbors and expressed hope that in the future American fuel always save Europe from Russian gas. However, Poland and Ukraine continue to buy Moscow's energy resources.

Another result of the summit — the decision to develop Poland's nuclear energy sector. For twenty years, Warsaw is planning to build six nuclear power units, and Americans can help in this.

Lecturer, University of Warsaw Michal Patrick Sadlowski notes: all expected from this meeting much more.

"Poland was counting on the fact that the Americans moved from a sizeable German contingent and will finally find the specifics by creating a US military base. In Warsaw hope for agreement on the transfer of the poles of military equipment. While everything remained at the level of declarations", — the expert explains.

In Poland understand the complexities between the US and Germany, but to act as batons don't want to. "Now Warsaw — a standoff between trump and Merkel, but we need to build a self-sufficient relationship with the United States and Germany", — said Sadlowski.

The negotiations took place against the backdrop of the election campaign in Poland, and this, according to experts, affected the course of the discussion: "Duda thinks the poles will appreciate his friendship with trump. But all the contenders for the presidency are in favor of cooperation with Washington. So the visit to the United States will not greatly change the situation."

If Duda doesn't win in the first round, the second could lose. And here, according to Sadlovsego, the American President, not an assistant.

Research fellow, Centre for European studies of MGIMO Artem Sokolov believes that the redeployment of us troops from Germany will affect the ambitions of Poland.

"Will continue to claim the status of the most loyal and valuable ally of the US in Europe. The translation of the contingent will strengthen the position of Warsaw in the framework of the "Visegrad four" (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and the initiative of "the Three seas" — emphasizes the expert.

According to the analyst, a few thousand American troops in Poland, Moscow is not particularly concerned: "the military Build-up of NATO along the Russian borders can only call mirror measures, primarily in the vicinity of the poles of the Kaliningrad region".