Appeared the first reviews of the Comedy "Eurovision: a History of fire Saga"

In the Network, viewers and critics left the first reviews of Comedy Netflix the Eurovision song contest: History of fire Saga" about the popular music competition with will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles.

On the aggregator web site dedicated to the collection of reviews Rotten Tomatoes, the film David Dobkin received a 56 percent "freshness" (for this film resource is considered successful when it receives from viewers and critics 60 percent positive reviews, and more. — Approx.ed.) is the average result.

The authors, who set the pattern of low scores, think "this is another stupid and flat Comedy."

"This ridiculous Netflix movie, which was supposed to be a parody of the Eurovision song contest, in the end looked like Farrell and Dobkin trying to figure out what exactly is this competition. I think they never know about it," wrote Hoai-Tran Bui at reviews for website slashfilm.com.

"Two hours of dull jokes to anything in the end don't lead", — said Rihanna stark.

"If you don't want to pay for this film to see how will Ferrell is trying to portray, at least, it can inspire you to go to Edinburgh (part of filming took place in this city. — Approx.ed.)", suggested Katherine Springer.

But there were those, to whom the film, which tells about a fictional participants from Iceland (Ferrell and McAdams) who dreams to conquer the audience and take first place at Eurovision, I liked it.

"Eurovision: a History of fire Saga" looks very nice.Yeah, he's reckless antics, but this is exactly what you expect from Ferrell. It looks directly and sincerely," commented film critic Rafer Guzman.

"Just like the real Eurovision song contest, this film is too long, one might even say, too. But it is good and funny," says journalist Doug Jamieson of The jam report

"In this Comedy so much energy and farce that there is nothing left to do but just support her," wrote Ella Kemp.

The premiere of the film Eurovision: a History of fire Saga" will be held June 26 on the streaming platform Netflix.