SpaceX postponed the launch of the next batch of satellites Starlink

The carrier rocket Falcon 9 will launch the next batch of online satellites Starlink on Friday, the company said SpaceX.

"We plan to launch a 57 Starlink satellites and two spacecraft Blacksky Friday, June 26, at 16.18 on the East coast of the United States (June 27 0.18 MSK - ed.)," the company said in his Twitter. Earlier it was planned that the launch will take place on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the company conducted a static fire test of the carrier rocket Falcon 9, but its outcome was not reported.

The launch will take place from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The rocket will put into orbit the tenth party Internet satellites constellation Starlink. This will be the third launch of the devices of Starlink in June: the launch took place on 3 and 13 June. In addition, the rocket will orbit two small satellite sensing of the Land owned by Blacksky.

Starlink satellite network of the next generation is able to provide the inhabitants of the Earth broadband access to the Internet. The project implementation began in February 2018. It is planned to run about 12 thousand satellites. 30 thousand satellites to orbit with elevations from 328 to 580 kilometers. SpaceX has estimated the cost of the project at $ 10 billion.