The DNR proposed to discuss additional measures to monitor the truce

The self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic suggested during the videoconference of the contact group on Donbass on Thursday to sign and promulgate additional measures to monitor the ceasefire in the region, said on Thursday the representative of DND at the talks, the foreign Minister of the Republic of Natalia Nikonorova.

According to Nikanorovoj, one of the most pressing issues at the moment - the adoption of additional measures to control the cease-fire. In her opinion, the parties need to sign the list of such measures as "oral statements do not lead to the desired results."

"We offered pospisochno to discuss and sign the document as commitments of the parties, and insisted on the publication of it to all the performers and the world community to know what is prohibited or required to undertake in a given situation, to avoid breaches of the ceasefire", - stated in the Declaration of Nikanorovoj, the press service of the foreign Ministry DND.

However, according to the head of the foreign Ministry DND, representatives of the Kiev "instead of the actual work on the adoption of additional measures" suggested "to include" a cease-fire, "thus indirectly confirming its "off" with his hand".

"In this regard, we urged the representatives of the official Kiev in an urgent procedure ", insert", as we again have wounded and killed civilians," said Nikonorova. The envoy added that if it failed to agree on almost half of the draft Supplement to the framework decision on the dilution of forces in the Donbass, adopted in 2016.

From July 21 of last year in the Donbass acts consistent contact group a perpetual truce. For the first time during the conflict it was supplemented by measures. Among them – a ban on firing, the publication of the orders about a truce and bring to justice its perpetrators. The DNR has repeatedly stated that these measures Kiev is not fulfilled.