India has asked Russia to speed up delivery of MANPADS "Needle", write media

Led by defence Minister of India delegation at the talks in Moscow, asked to accelerate the supply of portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Igla", assault rifles and ammunition for the various Russian systems, according to the publication the Economic Times, citing an informed source.

Arrived in Moscow for the Victory parade the Minister of defence of India Rajnath Singh earlier held talks with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, to discuss contracts in the defense sector. After the talks, Singh said that "all current contracts will not only be supported, but their completion will be accelerated".

Earlier this month the government of India provided all the three sorts of forces extraordinary powers for the procurement of arms, allowing them to spend up to 5 billion rupees ($66 million) to meet urgent needs.

India is one of the largest partners of Russia in military-technical cooperation. The most significant contracts signed with this country, are the agreements on supply of air defense systems s-400, frigates of project 11356 and subsequent technology transfer. At the final stage are the negotiations about the delivery and localization in India's light helicopter Ka-226T (200 cars, 40 of them will be delivered to Russian Federation, and the rest of the 160 - assembled in India). In 2018, Russia won the tender for the supply of portable antiaircraft-rocket complexes "the Needle-With".