The number of victims of coronavirus in the Ivanovo region has risen to 39

The number of deceased patients with the coronavirus in the Ivanovo region rose for the day to 39, among the two dead is a paramedic, said the regional government.

According to June 25, in the Ivanovo region was 4330 cases COVID-19, a day set 77 diagnoses. Of the new cases, 56 persons were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with previously diseased infected 18 people. One patient arrived in the region from Moscow, the two men revealed no symptoms at voluntary testing.

During the day, discharged 13 people, just in the Ivanovo region has recovered 2643 patients. Died in 39 patients, information on two fatal cases appeared in recent days.

"This is a patient of Palekh 39 years old, medical professional. With service, professional activities of the physician, this case is not connected. During his lifetime he was tested positive for COVID-19, the postmortem examination showed that bilateral pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus infection was the cause of death", - quotes the press service of the regional government to the Director of the Department of health Arthur Fokine.

As told Fokin, the woman was hospitalized in the city clinical hospital №4 in intensive care on a ventilator.

"To save, unfortunately, failed. The second patient from Ivanov, 73 years old. The cause of death was also COVID pneumonia. As in all previous cases, the patients had severe comorbidities. In most postmortem epicrisis among the comorbidities, we see the same thing: diseases of heart, vessels, lungs, diabetes and so on," said Fokin.

All in the field in hospitals are 752 people with COVID-19, including on the beds with oxygen – 240 people, on the ventilator – 19 patients.

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