The head of Kuban has demanded to understand with the requirement of certificates for the COVID-19

The Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev was required to deal with the validity of the claims reports COVID-19, as well as speculation on the rates with which they receive when applying through private and public institutions.

"Today for someone for the issuance of these certificates becomes a business... information Today on the lack of COVID ... need when applying for a job. But help costs money and money considerable. To three thousand can it be to help on the lack of COVID... hide Behind the decision of the Governor. I ask of your resolution to make changes so that did not need help, where they are not necessary", - asked the question to his subordinates during the meeting of the operational headquarters, broadcast on his YouTube channel.

Kondrat'ev also drew attention to the cost of the tests.

The Governor also noted that in many cases, the requirement reference is illogical, because the next day these references lose their relevance.

The Prosecutor of the territory Sergey Tubelsky during the meeting oberstab said that his Ministry will help the Ministry of health to investigate the situation with references.

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