The butchers had declared their allegiance to the words "who should die — die"

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander mjasnikov has explained the phrase "who should die — die", which he delivered in may, commenting on the situation with the pandemic coronavirus in the world.

How to write a medic in the Telegram, a "ridicule" him for those words, but in reality "all right." He added that in reality, "who should get" sick, and in the vast majority of cases people will take COVID-19 in the mild or asymptomatic form. Thus, according to the doctor, the elderly, and patients from risk groups "with a limited life expectancy can fill up the sad statistics".

"According to the who, is expected to more than 500 thousand deaths from AIDS in Africa from lack of medical care, buried the "struggle" with the coronavirus, the growth of maternal and infant mortality by 28%," — said Myasnikov.

He stressed that due to the temporary cessation of routine vaccination "over a hundred million children" left in the world without vaccinations, which will inevitably lead to a surge of infections. Butchers also said that the pandemic coronavirus had a negative effect on the mental state of the people, and also provoke an aggravation of chronic diseases.

The doctor noted that the viruses have "your cycle from the turbulent debut to the gradual inevitable decline in activity and pathogenicity".

"And again "all who should have been ill, and who ought to die — alas — will die," you may calculate the situation it is necessary somehow on another? Taking into account all factors: health, economic, political", he asked.

Says the butchers now have to try to distribute the load on the health care system that she "choked and does not increase the loss of their helplessness".

"Must be reduced "the debit with the credit", or when annual autumn outbreak of acute respiratory infections and flu (and coronavirus — where now without it!) we can again be in a strong disadvantage," concluded the medic.

In March, the world health organization declared the outbreak of coronavirus infection epidemic. According to who, the world infected more than 9.2 million people, more than 478 thousand died.

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