Russia and Cyprus started negotiations on the agreement on the taxation of

Russia and Cyprus on 25 June began negotiations on amending the agreement on avoidance of double taxation, the second round will be held next week, July 2, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the Cypriot Ministry of Finance.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the end of March was offered to tax at 15% income dividends transferred to accounts abroad. This requires an adjustment of agreements with other countries for avoidance of double taxation. The President warned that Russia would unilaterally be released from such agreements with those countries that will not accept its proposals.

Russia in early April sent to the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus a letter about change of the agreement for avoidance of double taxation with a request to give an answer before June 15. The parties agreed on June 25 teleconference to discuss the situation.

"Today, negotiations were held, as advertised. Essentially at the negotiating table were shown some of the positions of the Cypriot side and some of the Russian position. There is a second round of negotiations next Thursday," - said the representative of the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus.

To the question, how close are the positions of the parties, it noted that "there is no close or far." "Everything in the negotiation process. Importance will be whether the agreement text," said the interlocutor of the Agency, confirming that there is a text.

"All change is a subject of discussion," - said the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

On the question of the position of Cyprus in the negotiations she said that position was reflected in the negotiations and to agree on a text it better "not to make out."