Western politicians know who "finished off the fascist vermin," said Putin

Western politicians know who started the Great Patriotic war, and who "finished off the fascist vermin in her den," but to promote an educational environment and in the media have another idea, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Of course, politicians in the West... they all know. Don't they know that Soviet Union was attacked by Nazi Germany, and Nazi Germany invaded on 22 June 1941 on the Soviet Union? What is not known, or what? All all know. Do they not know who finished off the fascist vermin in her den, who stormed Berlin? You know, of course. But in the books," said Putin at a meeting with the new composition of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

In the media, according to Putin, promoted a different idea.

"What, you don't know who (struck - ed.), the nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Known. But in the textbooks of Japan what you write? Allies. What allies? The allies had no nuclear weapons. It was only in the United States. But, you know, step by step wash what we don't like," said the President.

This, according to the head of state is because Western countries try to build "today's relations in their own interests."

"Never learn, unfortunately. There is no desire to build a system of international security interests around the world and taking into account the interests of all participants in international activities. But you should, knowing this, seek the truth about the Second world war, to today, to build our policy therefore, to promote the interests of the Russian state. And, of course, no one dared to Sully the memory of our heroes who bore on their shoulders the brunt of the great Patriotic war and made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism in the Second world war," - said Putin.