In the OP invited Putin to submit a report on sieffert from amendments

The Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Lidia Mikheeva initiated at year-end to report on the social effects of the proposed sotsopros in the Constitution.

"If you keep in mind the social effect, which can give the social part of the amendments to the Constitution, if you support us, we could at the end of the year to prepare and submit a report on this issue", - said Mikheev via video link at the meeting of Russian President with members of the Public chamber of the new composition

According to her, in the OP received more than 1.5 thousand emails, proposals from citizens, NGOs and regional chambers on the amendments.

"This whole set of proposals we put to the working group (on the amendments). Our own 18 specific amendments is also sent to the state Duma for the second reading, and most of them were considered and adopted," - said Mikheyev.