Falkov assessed the relevance of the Humanities

Although in recent years much effort has been directed to focus on technical and natural science education, Humanities and science are in high demand, said Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov.

He noted that the idea that liberal education is "in the shadows of a technical Renaissance", is not unfounded.

"In recent years there have been many efforts to focus on technical education, in engineering education, in science, and there were reasons for it have their reasons and causes. I just want to draw the attention of all... a New technological way, which a lot of burning, scientific-technological revolution and so on, because it involves actually a huge number of a purely humanitarian complex humanitarian problems," said Falkov during the online meetings with the participants of the contest "Big break".

The Minister cited the example of the questions that arise while working on artificial intelligence or editing of the human genome.

"Where we with you will go, everywhere abut, if not for the questions of the universe, in the most serious questions of rethinking the functioning of our society, the serious ethical questions of human life. These questions are actually much more important, they are primary in relation to technical progress, which is leaps and bounds... It's all the humanitarian sphere, it's all up to you, and it is very important to get a good quality education is education," added FAL'kiv.

He also drew attention to the promising career of a researcher and in the humanitarian sphere, the rationale and the study of philosophical, sociological, historical, cultural reason for the progress that goes.

"This in itself immediately shows the relevance of humanitarian specialties and directions... I personally love the Humanities, social Sciences. They should not be seen as secondary, not necessary to consider that on the long (- term - ed.) this unpromising directions and specialties of training, this is not the case," said the Minister.